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The law firm “ZT LAW” in Alexandroupolis has expertise in the field of real estate and offers a wide range of services. We undertake the handling of purchase and sale contracts from the review of the real estate titles to the registration of the contract at the relevant land registry or mortgage office. We have represented individuals and companies in the purchase, lease and exploitation of real estate throughout Greece. We provide legal assistance in obtaining a residence permit for investors (the so-called “golden visa”). We have experience in supporting our clients’ claims for the recovery of compensations for expropriations in all regions of Greece.


Αt ZT LAW, we provide high-quality legal services for companies and we provide legal support for our clients’ business objectives. Our goal is to take a holistic approach to the problems that arise in the daily practice of companies and to offer specialized and innovative solutions. We fully support our clients’ business activities by providing legal advice on the choice of the most appropriate corporate form, the drafting of articles of association and their amendments, and the proper conduct of general meetings and board meetings.


The firm has in-depth knowledge of insolvency law, as it is certified as an insolvency administrator of grade B and it is registered in the Register of Insolvency Administrators under Reg.No.: NΠ8. We handle the preparation and filing of bankruptcy petitions so that our clients can get a “second chance” and be discharged of their debts.


We take care of your family matters such as divorces, custody/joint custody, alimony for minors/adults, paternity acknowledgement, adoptions, with confidentiality and commitment. We support you legally in your interests and suggest out-of-court options for settling your disputes in order to reduce the financial and psychological costs of a legal dispute.


ZT LAW deals with inheritance matters and takes care of the entire extrajudicial or judicial procedure for the transfer of the inheritance to the beneficiaries (real estate, bank accounts), and also for the renunciation of the inheritance. We provide legal advice on the drafting of wills that best reflect the wishes of the testator.


Our company handles the submission of pension applications and helps you obtain the necessary supporting documents. At the same time, it will answer all your questions regarding the establishment of pension rights, the recognition of notional years and all other pension issues.


Legal assistance in the composition of the client’s file for

We have experience in handling public tenders cases at all stages, from the announcement of the tender to the checking of the supporting documents and the submission of preliminary appeals before the E.A.DI.SY. and the competent courts.


Our goal is to claim the maximum possible compensation for our clients who have suffered losses in traffic accidents, but also to defend our principals both in traffic accident litigations and in criminal courts.

For high-quality legal services, trust the team of the law firm “ZT LAW”, in Alexandroupolis.